MiracUdo’s Oil

The 3/6/9 blend provides the perfect ratio of healthy fats for your diet, whether you pour a tbsp. over your favourite salad, into your child’s breakfast cereal, or simply flush it down with some juice during a busy work day — as a quick nutrient boost. This oil blend is a highly beneficial ingredient to your diet if you are a vegetarian or vegan. It provides you with enough Omega 3 fatty acids, leaving you less worried about getting enough of them through flax or other substitutes. Neither fish nor flax contain the proper 2:1 ratio of Omega 3’s & 6’s, so be sure to purchase a bottle of Udo’s and keep it in your fridge at all times. Getting enough Omega 3 is very important, as we do not get enough of them through our usual diet. We get more than enough Omega 6’s, especially all of us Western dieters! Last but not least, we love this oil because it is highly sustainable, due to the fact that it is plant-derived. Let’s be as sustainable as we possibly can people; we owe it to our children and younger siblings :)

For more information on Udo’s Oil please visit their website at http://www.oilthemachine.com/!

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