Christmas Marzipan Musli

Nothing beats marzipan Musli for breakfast on Christmas morning!

The perfect blend of wholesome goodness that provides you with a healthy start into your day, without making you feel grossly full. This is something you are going love if you are a fan of the Bratapfel desert, since it requires the left-over stuffing. The stuffing itself consists of a myriad of nuts, dried fruit (in particular dates), banana, spices, and of course diced mini marzipan pieces. Basically all you need to do is grab a gluten free cereal of your choice from the store. There are countless options; however, the granola based ones (or a hearty oatmeal) work best with this kind of breakfast Müsli. Add some stuffing and slice some fresh apples in there, then pour a milk alternative of your choice overtop. Enjoy!


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