Book Review: Gluten-Free Cooking

First and foremost, its recipe capacity exceeds 150+, so don’t let the book’s slender size have you believing it’s just another recipe booklet, which you skim through once and never open again. The book works with sketches rather than photography, which I personally find adds a pleasant character to the book, leaving some of the imagination up to you..

• Why do we love it?

There is a strong focus on breads, sweet loaves, and muffins; which is excellent,
since those are the foods you will find are most difficult to hunt down in GF. There is
only a select variety of really good tasting bakings to choose from in your local grocer,
and they usually cost a fortune, for what it is.. So why not bake your own? All you need
is this book, which is why we chose to make it our review candidate of the month!

• Who does it cater to?

–> The book obviously caters to Celiacs; however, playing with the thought of trying
a gluten free diet, doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment for everybody. If you are
intrigued to give it a shot for a week or two, and experiment with energy you didn’t even
know you had, this book will be the perfect all-rounder, and might even end up a classic
in your cook book pantry… I personally love the diversity of recipes it provides, along
with the simplicity of the instructions.

• How much does it cost?

–> just South of $25, which makes it an average prized cook book with respect to its
smaller size.

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